Determination is the Best Medicine

 The total bone count in the human body is 206, surrounded and held by numerous muscles and ligaments. A set of bones arranged in a manner so as to form a structure which holds the entire body of a living being is known as the skeleton. Thus, bones form the basic structure of our bodies. Imagine the base of your house or a building getting damaged? What can happen? The building will collapse. Similarly, when the bones, base of our body, are under some damaging condition, then there is too much to risk to take about our life. The quote ‘as you sow so shall you reap’ perfectly sets an example here. If we invest to care for our bone since the beginning of our life, the bones will also support us when we need them. But many times this does not happen. So diseases like osteoporosis come into the picture. Let see what to do with this disease and some measures for treating osteoporosis.

There are various methods to treat osteoporosis:

  • Make your body work: Exercises also can be beneficial in treating osteoporosis. Weight-bearing, resistance inducing and flexibility exercises are of great help.
  • Chemical medications: Bisphosphonates are the medical ways of treating osteoporosis. They are a combination of two phophonates. They work by reducing the activity of bone loss and they do this by encouraging the osteoclasts (the bone cell which help calcium absorption by blood vessels, with help of PTH hormones) to undergo the cell suicide process. Hence, these osteoclasts remain no more to aid the calcium loss from bone, thus treating osteoporosis. Your doctors will demonstrate you better the usefulness and how-to-use measures of bisphosphonates varicobooster cena.
  • Hormone replacements: For women who suffer from postmenopausal osteoporosis, estrogen hormone (that lacks in their body after menopause and hence fails the regulation and absorption of calcium minerals) can be replaced via hormone replacement therapies.
  • Prevention and care: If bones are properly nurtured with immense care and prevention in their and your young age, with a concern to keep them away from their enemy called osteoporosis, then they will pay you back in your older ages, helping you fight back or survive the disease.

Following even a few of these treatments can help your bones show improvements against osteoporosis. If you are too reluctant to try any of these, one advice may work – learn to live with the enemy. Take care.

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