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What is Progesta Plus?

Progesta Plus is a unique unscented formulation containing only natural organic ingredients that are safe, effective and healthful. It has high quality natural, bio-identical progesterone with natural herbal ingredients. We use beneficial Liposomes*, never cosmetic oil carriers, to improve transdermal skin absorption. It also contain Isoflavones and Red Clover known as Phyto Estrogens , nature’s own plant sourced estrogen balancers.

What does it Contain?

Main active ingredient – Bio-identical or Natural Progesterone synthesized from wild Mexican Yams through the use of some elegant chemistry. Products containing Yam or Soy extract is NOT progesterone and have no effect. Other ingredients: Aloe, Primrose, Vitamin E, Shea butter, Liposomes, Red Clover, Soy Isoflavones and Phytoestrogens.

How is it made and packaged?

Progesta Plus is manufactured with uncompromising quality under tight controls in a FDA approved facilty.

The product is formulated and packaged in a patented container that delivers the required dose of the product (approx. 20 mg. of progesterone) with each stroke of the pump. It also has the benefit of keeping the product air tight and fresh. The container holds 3 oz. of product that corresponds to 60 doses.

Does it work – is it safe to use?

Both the active ingredient – bio-identical progesterone – as well as the formulation, are extremely safe, effective and with NO side effects. (Compare that with columns and pages of side effects listed in the PDR* of prescription drugs containing Progestins, Estrogens, as well as other products frequently prescribed for osteoporosis, breast cancer, hot flashes…. and more. Products such as Premarin, Prempro, Provera, Fosamax, Evista, Miacalcin, Tamoxifin…etc. A little research will indicate both the short term and long term adverse effects of these drugs. Useful Link – “Hormone Heresy”)

How do I use Progesta Plus?

The special container accurately dispenses the required dose (20 mg) with each pump stroke. Depending upon your symptoms, their severity and your hormone balance test (if you have done one), apply the cream on your body once or twice per day continuously for 25 days, give it a 5 day rest then continue the cycle. Typically, when you first begin using Progesta Plus, two applications per day for about 2 to 3 months will bring you up to a hormonal balance. Thereafter a single application per day is usually sufficient. It is recommended however, that you check check your hormone balance using the Saliva Test method.
REMEMBER – You are striving for hormonal balance – the way nature intended. Thou
gh bio-identical progesterone is safe – too much progesterone will again result in hormonal imbalance and therefore should be avoided.

Why Transdermal Delivery of Progesterone?

Through the skin or transdermal delivery of many drugs including Progesterone has been shown to be CONSIDERABLY more effective than taking tablets, though it is often more difficult and expensive to create such a product. Typically, 90% of the drug in pill form is discarded by the human body through the liver and only 10% reaches where its supposed to. This means one has to take considerably higher doses of the drug than necessary – and it’s not so good for the liver among other things. In addition, Progesterone is very good for the skin and has been used in the more expensive facial cosmetics for years. 

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