Prostate cancer prevention and health

Is Progesterone really crucial to men’s health?

Just as in women, men can suffer from the effects of “Estrogen Dominance.” Estrogen dominance, or an unnatural excess of it within your body, is the result of an over- abundance of estrogen and estrogenic substances and steroidal growth hormones in the food we eat and/or petro-chemicals, solvents, pesticides in our modern environment. A growing library of research connects estrogen dominance as a significant factor leading to both prostate and breast cancers. Recent clinical research has suggested that natural progesterone can counteract the toxic effects of estrogen dominance.

But that’s just the beginning.
It has been known for some time that natural progesterone enhances libido (sex drive) in men. Sufficient balances can improve a man’s overall well being and sexual performance.

Do Men produce progesterone naturally?

Yes, in healthy men progesterone is manufactured in the adrenal and testes glands. Adequate levels of progesterone are an integral part in maintaining a healthy prostate. Two noted progesterone researchers, Dr. B. Formby and TS.Wiley, recently published the results of their medical research explaining the important role of natural progesterone in promoting good health and well being for men.
Research also shows natural progesterone increases apoptosis – referred to as “the key to staying young.”

How to use Prosta-Health

Apply once a day (one squeeze of the pump) preferably in the proximity of the Prostate – though it may be applied anywhere including the face. Apply for 25 days then stop for 5 days before starting the cycle again. This is to maintain progesterone receptor sensitivity. It is a safe product but overdosing yourself can also create a hormone imbalance. What is required is a hormone balance within your system the way nature intended.

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