Varicose veins during pregnancy

Varicose veins during pregnancy are the common problem for pregnant women. It is due to the increases of your blood volume that occur when the blood rate flows from your legs to the decreased of your pelvis. This flow will also give the pressure on your veins that can cause the varicose veins.

Well, varicose veins are the condition of enlarged veins that commonly affect your legs during pregnancy. It can also occur on your vaginal and buttock area. Even, you can also find this vein problem on your rectum.

Varicose veins during pregnancy

Not only caused by blood flows, it can be also caused by the hormonal changes that increase the progestin levels and open the veins. In addition, the uterus will put the pressure on your legs pain during pregnancy. So, you may get varicose veins that are commonly harmful. Sometimes, it will also cause uncomfortable and itchy on your skin. But, it will diminish naturally within 3 months after you give birth.

There are some natural treatments you can do in order to treat and avoid varicose veins during pregnancy. Check reading below! Here is the discussion for you.

Step 1

First of all, you need to avoid sitting and also standing on the same position for longer period of time. This sitting position will pool the blood of your vein. So, you need to make sure that you enable to take change and break your position.

Besides that, you have to also leave your high heels. It will be better for you to wear lower heels only. You can also try to choose flat shoes that will work better for your calf muscles. It will foster the healthy blood circulation on your legs area.

Step 2

Exercise is also the best way for you to prevent the varicose veins. You can consult to your doctor in order to find the safety exercise during pregnancy. You need to also confirm them whether exercise is safety enough for your pregnant condition.

Then, wearing the maternity support hosiery will be also the alternative solution for you. It will put the pressure on your legs area and also help your veins to stimulate blood flowing up from the legs to the heart. Make sure, you avoid choosing the tight hose that will cut off the blood circulation on your legs.

Step 3

Well, now you are required to prevent crossing your legs when you are sitting. You need to elevate your legs for several times in order to improve the blood circulation. If you want to sleep, you have to sleep on the left side. It will help you to relieve the pressure on your inferior vena cava.

Meanwhile for your consumption, you can reduce sodium consumption in order to minimize the veins swelling. Last, there will be most important treatment for you. Drinking 2 liters of water and eating enough fiber will help you to avoid constipation. Well, those ways are easy for you, right? Finally, those are all natural treatments to avoid varicose veins during pregnancy.

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